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About us

AEC-TEA is a community-based association located in Capim Grosso, Bahia, Brazil. We are a group of volunteers working together to organize educational projects and to create a space where people can meet, exchange ideas, discover strengths and talents, gain access to information, have fun, and build friendships.

Named after our town's first teacher, the Tarcilia Evangelista de Andrade Educational-Cultural Association was founded by local students and teachers with the goals of increasing access to higher education and encouraging volunteer work as a means to improve the quality of life in our community. We invite Brazilian and international volunteers to participate in our projects, which include language and art teaching and community outreach, depending on the interests and strengths of our team of volunteers. 


Teach language courses, photography, music, and much more as a volunteer in Brazil.


Contribute for a term a semester, or a full year at AEC-TEA or with one of our partner organizations.


Volunteer with us from wherever you are.


Help AEC-TEA build its forever home and expand its activities.

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